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Backlinks Building

Bk8vn provides a stress-free and less complicated online gaming platform. The company aims to make online gaming safe as well as enjoyable so players feel comfortable when committing to their site.


The following links building strategy overview is just a small part of Ultimate Index SEO efforts. Indeed with the SEO Enterprise package, our dedicated SEO specialist work full time on BK8vn campaigns by deploying a complete list of tasks from Backlings building, Technical SEO and On-page SEO.

Client: BK8vn
Project Start Date: December 2019

Backlinks Building: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, strategy.

This technique is know for many years. Usually know as a black hat strategy. But if you do it with the right approach and the best thoughts then the technique become a white hat and approved by Google Algorithms. It actually works.

So what is tiered link building?

The fundamental idea of tiered link building is to create several layers of backlinks with each layer pointing at the layer above it until finally you reach the first layer (tier 1) which points directly at your site.

Tier 1: Pointing directly at your website.
Tier 2: Pointing to your tier 1 links.
Tier 3: Pointing to your tier 2 links

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