Ultimate Index Study Case chementors.com

Chementors.com a complete Ultimate Index Case Study

Chementors is a dynamic, globally operating mentor for all players in the chemical industry. They offer a wide variety of services regarding to chemical and environmental safety for all industrial clusters. Having headquarters in Finland they are experts of the European chemical legislation. They also operate globally via their branches in Hong Kong and Vietnam.


Chementors decided to refresh their website, built in 2001. They also wanted Ultimate Index to work on a new SEO campaign to boost their visibility in the search in Vietnam.

Project Start Date: January 2019

Website development

Chementors contacted Ultimate Index to redesign their current head quarter website in Finland. The client requested to build the new website with a new structure included the new branches in Hong Kong and Vietnam.


The first thing was to move the .eu to the .com and close definitely the .eu. But Instead of shutting the .eu down we simply did a redirection to the .com in order to avoid losing the traffic coming from the .eu. We used a new hosting solution for better performances and set a CDN to be sure the site will be fast to load in Europe as well as In Asia.


Then we build a brand new layout with their current brand identity. The new layout should emphasised all the services. We a clear and simple overview of their catalogue.


Integrating the English, Vietnamese, Finnish and Mandarin languages was a piece of cake. Indeed the new plateform has been built with WordPress, and using Polyland plugin makes the process so much easier.


The Website development took us about 3 months to complete. Then we were ready to move to the SEO campaign deployment.

SEO audit

On-page SEO

After completed the new website, we deployed a successful 6 months SEO campaigns. (Indeed you will enjoy the delivery results at the end of this Case Study.)


All the content was already written by the clients. Since it was quite technical. We supported their team to produce content following the best SEO practices. We use our SEO On-page Checklist from where we were able to track each pages and adjust the content according.


In addition of our internal check list we add an extra layer to validate the content with the powerful Smerush On-Page SEO Checker. This tool gave some extra ideas to optimize the pages.

Ultimate Index - Your ROI driven full service SEO - chementors - 1

Comparison of Result

With the help of Yoast plugin we were able to check if the On-page SEO was done completely for each page. The green button means that the page reach at least a score of 70/100. Considering 100 fully optimized for Search Engine.

Yoast on-page checker before optimization
Yoast on-page checker after optimization
Ultimate index delivery results study case chementors.com

Delivering Results

The screenshot shows it self the results of our efforts. We basically started from no organic traffic to generate around 1000 daily impression with a CTR of 2.6% and that just by working on the On-page ranking factors. And the growth will keep going as we are still optimizing the campaign. We are now adjusting and working on an extra action plan to submit for the next 6 months campaign.

Our next mission now is to work on the Average position to be able to rank most of the page in the top 20. We have already exported all keywords with high value from Google Search console to work on them and manage to rank chementors.com on the first page. Stay Tune !

2.6% CTR
5% leads acquisition
3 leads closed