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Search engine optimization is not dead! In fact by looking at Google Trends Topics we know that people are still interested in SEO. And according to Borrell Associates in 2020 businesses in the United States are spending an estimated of $80 billion in search engine optimization (SEO) services alone.

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At Ultimate Index we believe in the benefit of SEO. We also believe that it’s one of the best ROI for your online objectives. It’s a long time process, sure, but the results are guaranty. SEO is mostly based on data analysis and if you wanna run succesfull campaign we would recommend to use advanced SEO tools to gather the information you need. We use different SEO tools (here is our Top 10 must-have SEO tools for SEO agencies) but one of our favorite is SEMrush. For us it is the most complete SEO tools solution. For the last couple months they have released some great products updates in addition of SEO tools like advertising solution, social media services, content marketing services and competitive research tools. They also provide great extra featured like “Sensor” (the best way to monitor Google SERP volatility), Market place (a content creation platform) or more recently some new AI technologies like Traffic Jet and Impact hero.

As you understood SEMrush is the all-in-one digital marketing solutions with really advanced SEO tools that you would need. In this article, we are going to briefly talk about the different SEO services of SEMrush.

How to tackle Technical SEO with SEMrush

Technical SEO is the process that helps you optimize your website for crawling and indexing by search engine spiders.

SEMrush has an amazing site audit tool that you can use to audit a entire website within a few hours or minutes depending on the size of the website. All you have to do is type your website address on the Site Audit tool and run the crawl. Please not that the website should be indexed and should not block robots to crawl your website.

SEMrush Site Audit SEO tool - Technical SEO
1. The sharing options is a great way for your team to collaborate to fix technical issues on a site.
2. PDF export to your reports listing. Every month we send the details SEO audit to our client. A plus for our customer support.
3. Compare crawl is a great tool to show the progress on fixing Technical issues to your client.
4. Crawl setting give you more options on how to crawl websites. As you might know SEMrush bots are sometimes blocked by hosting providers, you can easily fixed that in the crawl setting.

You can identify which of your important webpages are not being indexed by a search engine and why. You can identify the broken internal links within your website, and other technical issues with your website like this.

SEMrush will detect every single issue that needs to be solved in all of your webpages and create a custom report for you. You can filter out the issues that are more important and solve them by yourself.

Get On-page SEO recommendations with SEMrush On Page SEO Checker

On-page SEO is the method that helps you optimize each one of your webpages one by one. The main goal is to rank these webpages higher in search engine results.

If you want to do On-page SEO manually by checking one by one the content of the website it would take time. With SEMrush On-page SEO checker you know which optimization will bring you the best results by giving you an estimate search volume after performing the optimization.

SEMrush On-page SEO recommendations
1. Importing keywords great way to build even better pages with your focus keywords.
2. On-page ideas are a great start to optimized your page. However based on our experience not all ideas are relevant but if you are a beginner SEO SEMrush will tell you the level of difficulty to achieve the optimization.

Well, luckily for you, SEMrush has a tool called on-page SEO checker dedicated to this service only. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that won’t waste any of your time.

 Just type in your website, and the keywords you want to optimize for. SEMrush will quickly check if the webpages for those keywords are fully optimized or not.

Local SEO with ease with SEMrush Listing Management

Local SEO is most important for business websites that are trying to attract customers from a certain area. Most of the time, businesses want to attract customers from their local area.

Online marketing is a great method to attract local customers. And that’s where Local SEO comes in, Local SEO helps you optimize your website to attract the maximum amount of customers as possible.

SEMrush helps you optimize for Local SEO by monitoring the online presence of your business, launch online advertising campaigns targeted at people in your local area, analyze your competitors, etc.

Unfortunately SEMrush Listing management is only available for US, Australia, Germany, France and UK.

Build your Off-page SEO with SEMrush Link Building automation

Off-page SEO is the search engine optimization you do outside of your website, as opposed to on-page SEO where you optimize the webpages of your website.

Off-page SEO is all about link building. Link building helps you earn the trust of search engines and increase your domain authority. A higher domain authority means a higher chance of ranking on top of the search results.

SEMrush has a lot of great tools for this purpose like- backlink analytics, backlink audit, link building tool, bulk analysis, etc.

With the link building tool, you can easily find appropriate websites from which you can get backlinks to your website.

 The tool will also help you connect with the people affiliated with those websites, and at the same time keep track of the backlinks you have earned.

With Backlink Analytics, you can analyze the websites of your competitors to see what kind of backlinks they are getting. That helps you identify what kind of backlink you should be aiming for to beat your competitors in the game.

Enhance your Content Creation process with SEMrush SEO Content template and SEO Writing Assistance.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

Doing keyword research is not at all there is when it comes to content optimization. Nowadays, you can’t get away with creating random content and stuffing your keywords in that.

Search engines can now identify quality content easily, and that’s why you have to focus on creating high-quality content too.

Fortunately for you, SEMrush has an amazing tool called SEO content template that will boost your content optimization process.

This tool will analyze the webpages of your competitors for your target keywords and give you content creation ideas. It is a great tool that will make your life easier by suggesting high-quality content ideas. SEMrush also has content creation services call Marketplace. From there you will be able to order some content starting from $30 for product description of 300 words and $40 for an article of 500 words. More content type like Guest posts and Webpa